Ephoto Gets Improved Search Feature

Ephoto recently gained the ability to search for images in the current directory.  The search feature was useful, but was limited to just searching in place and highlighting the “next” match.

After constructive comments from many users suggesting that the search function more like a filter, I began to look into improving upon the groundwork that was there.  There is no real cut and dry way to take a grid of images and filter it, while still maintaining the original grid for future searches or a canceled search all together.  I finally accomplished this with a nifty trick of having two grids.  The original, and the search grid.  If a search is a requested, the results are calculated from the original grid and then displayed in the search grid.  The original grid is then hidden, and the search grid is shown.  Upon the closing of the search, the opposite happens.  The search grid is cleared and hidden, and the original grid is shown.  This seems to be a very smooth way of handling it utilizing few resources and being very fast.  As always, let me know what you guys think!


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